Leather Bar Tape

Leather Bar Tape



In the Brooks tradition, this bar tape is made of natural leather to make it the perfect complement to your Brooks saddle. The bar tape comes in a kit including:


- 2 strips of light, perforated leather bar tape,
- 2 rubber bar-end plugs,
- 2 adhesive cloth strips.



*59.00 €
44.98 £

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Re-establishing an old Brooks tradition

Written by deniz merdano from Canada 4/25/2012

Bartape was given to me by a friend and I was quite hesitant at first to put such an expensive tape on my bike.
After 2 years!!! the tape is worn in beautifully and is a joy to hold with bare hands. Although i agree about everyones comments on how weak the glue is on the bar plugs, that is a good thing. The whole ensamble looks way nicer without the caps.

And the extra pieces of tape that came in the box now reside on my wrist as I just turned them into amazingly comfortable straps for my pilot's watch.

Written by daniel Cox from canada 4/4/2012

amazing product.my family has been using brooks saddles in cycling for years. still have a old b17 and an old team pro.... still so nice. smooth. soft. not dried out. YEARS old. and so much use. amazing product.

wanting to get the bar tape...i imagine also would be great. wish there was a top tube messenger bike cover. to protect the top tube from leaning against meters etc. would be very nice addition to a bike.

Written by David Bolles from Unites States 1/11/2012

My dear friend gave the honey bar tape to me as a Christmas gift. My bike and Brooks B-17 saddle, are black. Well, the combination looks just terrific! I only have 70 miles of use on it combined with winter gloves so I cannot comment on it's comfort. But, it is an especially firm tape as it's covering my 46cm drop bars! If leather, steel, and classic good looks are for you then Brooks is the right choice every time!

Written by Brandon Brigance from USA 6/16/2011

You guys should really start making top tube pads/protectors. Something very simple with nice brass snaps and the Brooks logo stamped on the side. You may even be able to use scrap leather. Just a thought... Thanks

A> We have thought about this in the past, may re-visit someday.

Written by Mike sIGG from USA 6/13/2011

After several years, the tape near the hoods and on top had a nice patina and color. Down on the ends, where it is not gripped as much, was looking dried out and tired. I used a liberal amount of Obenauf's and then wiped. Came out great. No stickiness when riding.

Written by Laurence Vaughn from USA 5/15/2011

I built a modern "retro"bicycle in 2008. I went from a carbon fiber frameset and wheelset to a steel frame and "conventional' wheels, rack, fenders and MKS pedals with steel clips, but with Campy Veloce 10. The first parts I ordered after the frameset (a Salsa Cassaroll) was my Brooks B-15 Special and matching Brooks leather handlebar wrap. These are the finest saddle and wrap I have ever owned. I have been in the bicycle industry for almost 25 years and have seen everything and ridden most of it. The comfort of the saddle out of the box was suprisingly comfortable and only improves with use. The feel of the handlebar wrap is exquisite and I ride without gloves. The level of grip is perfect and the color deepens with every ride. There is no other company who makes such fundamental products with so much care can evoke such loyality in a product that treated with care will outlast the rider. i am kicking around the idea of a new bike again, steel or titanium, I am not sure. All i know for certain, It will have a Brooks saddle and handlebar wrap.

Written by Quanah Miller from USA 6/28/2010

Just installed the black bar tape over a layer of inner tube for some extra cush and thickness since I have big hands. I've got to say this is the most comfortable bar set up I have ever felt. I don't like to wear gloves, but they were neccessary before to compensate for crappy bar tape. The leather is so supple and stays nice and cool, my hands never sweat. Hats off to brooks for making another wonderful product. I'm hooked for life.

Written by Paul Evans from USA 10/21/2009

COMMENT > I would Love to see your saddles and bar tape produced in White Leather!!!

REPLY >Have a look at the EDITIONS page!

Written by g. gaboo from Gabon 10/14/2009

very nice tape. last long time!

Written by Dustin Mr. from USA 9/25/2009

COMMENT > The tape is high quality and has a great feel. The bar plugs are not my favorite though. Aesthetically they are beautiful, but their over durability is weak and I could see the wood ends snapping off the cork plug. My suggestion for Brooks, send an extra set of plugs with the tape and/or sell them online separately. My suggestion for you customers, buy two bottles of good corked beer, drink said beer, insert cork from bottle into bar end.

REPLY > We understand your concerns and are currently thinking to launch metal bar end plugs in the future. The wood and cork plugs are already available as spare parts. Soon they will be also available online. 

Written by Chuck Clark from Taiwan 8/14/2009

I'm using the honey leather bar tape on my race bike and I love it. It feels great and the more I ride, the better it looks. That can't be said for other kinds of bar tape that look worse the older they get. Sure it's a bit more expensive than other bar tapes, but it should last a lot longer. And when it does come time for new bar tape, I'll be buying more. My only complaints are that the tape isn't quite long enough to fully cover over-sized carbon handlbars (but it probably wasn't designed to do so) and the colours don't really match my white frame with gray and yellow detailing.

Written by James Foster 5/4/2009

Just received and fitted my black leather tape. Looks fantastic with my Black Shallow Ti and feels very comfortable. Another great Brooks product.

Written by Wesley Stephenson from Canada 9/9/2009

Q > I currently have a B17 Aged and was wondering if the "Brown" bar tape will match my saddle. If not, will you be carrying a leather bar tape to match the Aged saddles and bags?

A > The brown bar tape matches both our brown saddles and the Aged. The Aged in fact tend to become darker with use.

Written by Thomas Thompson from U.S.A. 8/6/2009

Q > I have Brooks honey leather bar tape on my restored 1964 Schwinn Sierra. It's not only comfortable, but extremely durable. If it ever wears out, I'll purchase it again. The black finishing strips eventually fray and loosen, however. Is it possible to buy a few pairs of the finishing strips separately? Thanks!!

A > We haven't really though about that, as it's the first time somebody asks. We would suggest you to use an ordinary black adhesive tape.

Written by Marie Buckingham 4/20/2009

Q > Does the bar tape need proofide?

A > No, no, no!!!

Written by peter wilson from Canada 5/16/2010

I got your your leather bar tape
black and honey

it is on my surly bike long hual trucker

that I build it looks like a tiger

black is on the bottom of the handlebar than honey goes the top
it is great

thanks for making the best leather bar tape

from peter wilson waterloo ont canada

Written by rodrigo torres from Colombia 9/22/2009

Q > I just received my first brooks saddle (beautiful nice to touch antique brown) and I'm about to buy the matching handlebar tape online at amazon or benscycle but I'm a bit confused ¿Do you make both perforated and not perforated tape? I can't find the not perforated one in your website...but it is for sale at benscycle...

A > The non perforated was released at the very beginning when we first introduced the product. Later we switched to the perforated tape, which is the only one we offer now.

Written by Rob Blanchard from UK 8/17/2009

Q > Just purchased some handlebar tape, which is the best way to fit the tape, do you start from the bottom or top of the bars? Do you need to cut a piece to go behind the brake levers and does the cloth tape go at the top of the bars?

A > Start from the bottom, using the adhesive strips once you finish at the top... It's not easy to do it properly if it's the first time you do it, so you should ask a friend or someone at your local bike shop to help you.

Written by Fabio Astolpho from Brazil 8/6/2009

Q > I've just bought a B17 Special Green Saddle and I have a doubt: is the green leather tape exactly the same green as the saddle? Thanks, Fabio.

A > Yes, almost perfectly matching.

Written by Harry Mitts from USA 8/16/2009

Q > Hi! I'm buiding my "ultimate" bike. A red, steel DeBernardi. I just "have" to put on a Brooks saddle (I ride a B-17 now, over 10 years old and loving it!). I have two questions for you fine folks. Are you going to make the Team Pro in brown? And the most important question: Will leather bar tape get slick or slimy in the rain? Thank you so much for continuing the tradition of well thought out products, with outstanding craftsmanship!

A > No, the tape should not get slimy in the rain.

Written by Ryan Flannery from USA 7/21/2009

Q > I need white leather bar tape! Please! I'll even get on a waiting list if you start one.

A > We don't plan to make white tape for the moment!

Written by Paul Weller from UK 6/17/2009

Q > What happens if you do proofide your bar tape (as I did after wrapping it) ??!!

A > It won't harm, but it probably gets sticky.

Written by Joost van de Griek from Netherlands 6/15/2009

QUESTION > Some (online) retailers list a green coloured version of your bar tape. Was this a limited edition and should I hurry if I want to order some? I think it would rather striking combined with the green Swift saddle and perhaps even green toe straps. Is the green colour a one-off, or do you plan to offer more products in more colours in the future? (I rather like the blue and red limited edition saddles, too!)

REPLY > Green Leather Bar Tape has been added to the range. You can order it online now.

Written by Carl Svanström from Sweden 10/3/2013

Hi, I have had these leather straps for a couple of years on my bike, they have now become quite slippery. What is the best way to get a good grip-surface again? Thanks. /Carl

A> Hi Carl, you could try using Proofide on them.  This will darken them quite a lot, but will return the suppleness to the leather.

Written by Christian Rexhäuser from Germany 7/27/2013

Hi Brooks, 1 year ago i bought the brown leather bar tape and it had the good quality i expected from Brooks.
Now i bought the leather bar tape in black and i am not happy with it. One thing is, that the ends are cut straight so i have to slant cut them myself, but if i do that the adhesive foil doesn't go fully to the tips.
But the real deal braker is the adhesive foil itself. I don't know, if you changed the glue or if the glue doesn't stick to the black leather as good as it does to the brown, but when i tried to attach the tape to my bar, the end did not stay in place but rotatet under the pulling force. So i released the bar tape and tried do it again, but the adhesive foil got loose from the leather. I never had this problem with the older brown bar tape.

A> Please return your tape for a replacement, we are sorry for any incovenience this has caused!

Written by Stewart Clark from England 6/20/2013

Out of 3 sets of tape, 1 on a solo & the others on a tandem, only 1 section looks good after less than 12 months. The rest is faded & scruffy. For what it cost, I expected better. Also, the plugs fall apart easily. After contacting Brooks, I have not had a reply. Chain Reaction say it's down to wear & tear. I say it's poor quality as 1 section is nice & shiny.
Save your money and buy something else.

Written by Ralph Pickering from UK 5/8/2013

I really like my Royal Blue bar tape, except that over the past year or so of use the colour has faded quite a bit - especially where there is the most contact. What would you recommend for cleaning the tape and touching up the colour?

A> It is normal for leather tape to bleach and change colour with age, though you may try leather dyes for retouching.

Written by Paul Temple from USA 10/10/2009

Please do consider making metal bar end plugs an option. That said:
Q> What diameter bar do the plugs fit?

A> The standard outer diameter of 22mm.
Q> What maintenance if any is required for tape, if not proofide? Would Armor All leather wipes be okay?

A> No maintenance is needed.

I'm just worried about premature dryness/fading of the tape since I live in the desert.

Written by Nigel Marshall from England 9/7/2009

Q > I have a Brompton P6R-X . The handlebars are large - is the tape long enough?

A > It's long enough for drop bars, so I suppose it should be long enough for the Brompton "P" bar.

Written by Cameron Gray from USA 7/10/2009

Q > I cant tell which is darker in colour the Brown or the Honey?

R > The brown is as dark as brown saddles.

Written by Martyn Gasson 2/1/2009

Q > As a proud englishman living in Australia, great to see quality products still "Made In England" Have a question for you, are you going to make the bar tape in Green to match the green leather on the limted edition saddles?

A > Green is available, we will soon put it online!

Written by Bar Tape Idea 1/31/2009

Why don't you offer _white_ bar tape? Carlton/Raleigh bikes all came with white tape, NOBODY offers white leather bar tape (and most of the cinelli VIP bars are on bikes now), and I think part of your market is the millions of Raleigh 10 speeds needing parts, what better way to finish off such a bike?

Written by Raymondo 5/29/2008

I fitted a Honey B17 Saddle and matching bar tape to my 1980's Penine Steel-Framed racer and hey presto - it transformed into a true Genteman's steed, fit for any journey in town or country. Superb!

Written by Ash Ponders 4/21/2008

I'm something of an Oaf. I crash, a lot. I used to sheer off my bar tape on a nearly monthly basis. Last year I put some Honey brown Brooks tape on my bars, and I haven't worried about it since. The tape heals its wounds!
Ash Ponders


We accept all constructive criticism

Written by Miguel Colman from Uruguay 3/29/2016

Totally love my bar tapes, the only cons is that the cork plug falls and lost them, I think they should be made from one piece or at least should be sticked to the rest of the cork to prevent lost them.
After that, the leather has a supreme quality and top confort.

Written by Nick Read from UK 1/11/2014

The leather bar tape I have is great (as is my Swift saddle). However, the bar end plugs supplied with the tape simply aren't up to the same high quality and just come apart. This has happened on all four that I have fitted so far. The wooden end caps comes unstuck from the cork insert. This is just irritating as they don't meet the standards of the other products.

Written by David Clark from Australia 5/7/2014

Defintely a wrestling match fitting this tape, but now I have it fitted it looks great, but no kilometres yet, so can't comment on its longevity. That said, the bar end plugs are useless, as is the braided cloth triming tapes. I turned my back for 5 seconds and the first one was already peeling off itself at the overlap and when I decided to discard it and use the proven Nitto electrical tape, it removed the top surface of the leather, so sticks to leather just not itself. The join in the tape is a major dissapointment, I tried to fit the tape so the join would be on the drops, with mixed success ending up with it visible on one side and underneath on the other, but certainly it's a worry when you're tensioning the tape to get rid of the ripples and you can already feel the feather edge lifting, but presumably this is a cost or production consideration, because you just wouldn't do it if it could be avoided. The other issue is the way the ends are tapered, with both ends and pieces cut the same way this locks you into a certain wrap direction and starting end, with implications for where the 'join' ends up. It would be better to leave the ends square cut and let the 'fitter' trim as required.

Written by Benoit Bastien from France 10/16/2014

Hi Brooks. I bought 2 brown bar tapes in 2014 to restore 2 old 70's Peugeot bikes. The first brown bar tape colour received in June was perfectly matching the brown colour of my swift saddle. Great! But I was completely surprised to receive another brown bar tape with a totally different brown colour from the 1st one... Much more darker... And of course which is not matching my B17 brown saddle....oops, disappointed... How so much difference in brown colour is possible for a similar product bought to the same e-shop? Is there a difference in terms of origin production: Italy vs asia? Did you recently change something for the brown colour of your bar tape? Thanks for clarifications please.

A> as it is a natural product there can be variations in the colour, we can only apologise 

Written by Bailey L from Canada 2/15/2014

I bought the bar tape in orchre, and I adore the color and the feel. That being said, the cork plugs both broke within the first 2-3 months, and I found it pretty annoying that both pieces were pre-tapered the same way, so you have to taper one and trim the other or they won't match. Found that pretty foolish. If given the choice, I probably wouldn't purchase these again, not for the cost.

Written by Christian M. from Switzerland 11/21/2013

Nice Design, but the glue is bad. There is not enough sticky.

Written by Drew Duncan from New Zealand 5/8/2010

Please Please Please can I have some white leather bar tape?? I read the comment about checking editions but couldn't find it so presumably you only did it for a limited time? Thanks in advance. Drew


A> White tape will be available very soon, please check back!

Written by Seng Kee Jason Teng from Singapore 8/20/2014

i bought a white color bar tape from local shop in Singapore so when they wrap the bar tape it tear off is it due to quality or product is over due. And i would like to know the bar tape is it make in China by Brooks or originally come from England.

A> the tape is no longer made in China - but back in Europe. 

Written by Zackary D from USA 11/14/2013

The bar tape is nice and comfortable but does not even remotely match the color of my Brooks swallow saddle of the (supposedly) same color brown. Even after applying proofide and commuting to work every day for a month the bar tape is more of a purple-ish-brown color and the saddle is more of a red-ish-brown. It's glaringly obvious in most settings and I wholeheartedly regret the purchase. Sorry Brooks. Love the B15 saddle though!

Written by jorrit timmermans from the netherlands 6/6/2013

why are both pieces of tape cut exactly the same way at the ends? i put them on the old-fashioned way. starting from the middle i work towards the ends. i need to recut both pieces so they mirror each other and are of the same length. would be much better if this was done by brooks for a better result. i am not sure if i explain myself very well...

Written by Rob Howes from UK 1/30/2013

I bought brown bar tape in order to add the finishing touch to my recently restored 1952 vintage Holdsworth La Variable. I wanted it to match the beautiful 60 year old B17. When I fitted the tape, I was a little dissapointed to discover the bar tape has joins. I was even more dissapointed to discover that because the joins weren't particularly well made I could feel a loose flap under the bars. Just where my fingers fell:( I called Hargreaves Cycles who supplied the tape and they told me "That's how it is" and offered me a refund even though the tape had been fitted. I thought they gave excellent service.

I eventually replaced the tape with a competitor's product that has no joins and looks as good. It was also cheaper! Lots of people come and admire the bike and ask if the bar tape is Brooks. I have to say "Sadly not!" So come on Brooks if you have to have joins at least make them properly!

You can see the bike here: http://www.wheelsuckers.co.uk/photo/possibly-the-most-beautiful-bike-in-the-world-imo?context=featured

Written by Will Fish from England, Yorkshire 12/16/2012

i recently bought a brooks saddle and the tape both in brown and the colour of the tape is different and also the leather feels cheaper then it does on my saddle.

A> We are sorry to hear of your disappointment, perhaps you have been sent the wrong colour?  Your tape is covered under warranty please rreturn it for replacement!

Written by Chris T from New Zealand 12/8/2012

I've found that the tape is too short or only just makes it the last 3 times I've wrapped it. Definitely too short for Nitto Randonneur bars. The joins are shoddy, I just wrapped some and because it needs to be tight around the curves, the joins look like they're starting to split. this particular piece of tape had a weird curve to it so won't wrap very nice and the section of leather after the join is very thin and stretched way too easy so it stands out. Not very happy, was expecting a lot better.

Written by Jason McCay from United States 11/16/2012

The bar tape I received was pre-tapered for a clean start and finish on the bars. Problem is, both rolls were tapered the same way (left and right sides should be taped in opposite directions). I had to cut new tapers on both sides of one roll, causing about six inches to be wasted. The tape now comes up shorter than I would've liked on the handlebars. Considering the cost of this tape, I was not pleased at such an oversight.

Written by Russell Palmer from France (from UK) 10/15/2012

I love my Brooks Leather bar tape that adorns my Pearson Compass touring bike. I specced the brooks tape along with the Brooks B17 seat when I ordered the bike. On my first, short (5 days) tour, both wooden end caps from the cork stopper disappeared. I didn't crash the bike or mal treat it.

I rode the bike for 280Km in Provence, including climbing Mont Ventoux. Perfect, except for the wooden end caps. You have to sort this out guys.

A> Sufficient tape must be placed in the bar end in order tp hold the plugs securely.

Written by Elaine Rodriguez from USA 7/27/2012

I now have your Antique Brown Bar Tape on the handlebars of my trusty touring bike. Should I proofide it to protect it? There is one post here that says no, by your staff. And one that says it's okay, also by your staff. *head-scratch* What's the verdict on proofide. I love the feel but was disappointed it was stitched together too. My shop had a minor fuss when the seam lined up with the bend in the bars that is hard to wrap and they told me it wasn't very good quality. I don't like to hear that considering the price. I do love your B17 saddles though, especially the Specials.


Written by Michael Bjorck from Sweden 7/17/2012

I bought this leather bar tape and I think it is a nice product.
But I don't like that the leather tape is made of smaller pieces, both my tapes had splices and not very nicely done splices. The leather quality on either side of the splice was different which ment that the tape stretched differently on either side.
I also think that if there has to be a splice it shold be diagonal not straight a cross, this would take the load better when one stretches the tape when putting it on the bar.
I also found it better that I started "tapeing" with the end of the tape with the splice at the bar end, that way one avoids getting the splice on the upper part of the bar, were the biggest strain will be on the tape.
All in all nice product, but the splices makes the quality under the high quality I am used to from Brooks other products.

Written by jose ozuna from united states 7/16/2012

Do you guys offer replacement adhesive cloth strips? I've had my bar tape for about six months, and the cloth strips no longer stick. I'm reluctant to improvise.

A> We are looking into this, thanks for the feedback!

Written by Niko Pelkonen from Finland 7/8/2012

I ordered two pairs of this leather bar tape and the quality of these bar tapes is really poor. Both of the bar tapes started unravel from the parts where they have seams. I have used the tapes only for one day and now they are already unpleasant under the hand while driving. I would expect more from bar tape that has retail price over 55e.

A> Please return your tape for a replacement if you are unsatisfied with the quality of the pieces you received.

Written by Wayne Cheung from UK 7/7/2012

Hi there! I've gotten a Flyer Aged saddle. Please can you recommend a matching bar tape? Thanks

A> Unfortunately we do not make a tape that matches perfectly the aged saddle.

Written by Brian Bearded Mechanic from United States of America 5/1/2012

LOVE the new organic saddles... obvious question here about matching bar tape....?

A> We are working on this, hopefully soon!

Written by Paul Hafner from Romania 11/5/2011

I am a big fan. I love your products, and among others, I purchased one leather bar tape in Honey colour (my favourite). I must say I was very dissapointed when I realised that one of the 2 tapes was made from 2 pieces glued together, and no matter how hard I tried to hide the joining point, it still is very visible. Not to say that the
glue is not holding properly the 2 parts together. I was expecting a better quality control fo such an exclusive product.
I hope that was just an accident that you will avoid in the future and the quality of your products will show more consistency.

A> Paul, please return your purchase for a replacement. See the Getting in Touch Section of this website.

Written by Sam Allen from UK 8/6/2011

Quite sad the grips aren't made in Englans anymore...

A> The leather bar tape was never made in England.

Written by Ryne Dude from United States of America 7/28/2011

I also lost one of the wooden bar ends. No crashes. My bike is treated gently. Also, should I be using leather conditioner on the grip tape? I love my saddle and grip tape.

A> Thank you for your comment, you can use Proofide on the tape.

If you have a question and desire a timely response, send a mail to info@brooksengland.com or just simply post to our Facebook wall at www.facebook.com/Brooks.England.  Our antiquated shop comments section does not lend itself to frequent updating.

Written by Alex Winsberg from USA 7/26/2011

I would like to know if the turquoise leather bar wrap will match the color of the B17 Electric Blue saddle. I've ordered the saddle already, and am searching for some complimentary tape. Thanks!

A> No, these will not match.  We do however have matching blue tape.

If you have a question and desire a timely response, send a mail to info@brooksengland.com or just simply post to our Facebook wall at www.facebook.com/Brooks.England.  Our antiquated shop comments section does not lend itself to frequent updating.

Written by Neil Cooper from UK 5/17/2011

I just received a new bike fitted with the Brooks bar tape and it came with generic plastic bar end inserts.

Should I have gotten the wooden ones?

A> Our bar tape comes with cork bar plugs.  

Written by Alex Hradsky from Sweden 4/27/2011

Hello, bought my leather tape today, its very nice. I have wraped bar tape before and I wonder how I will cover the clamps of the brake levers. There is no strips for that purpose enclosed. Have a vintage 80:s Raleigh with cinelli bar and campy super record brake levers.

A> Our bar tape comes with strips for this purpose.  Please return them to their place of purchase for replacement.

Written by Rob Lucky from Canada 2/16/2011

Where do I find instructions to install tape, I did not see any in/on the box. Thanks Rob

A> You are best to consult a reputable shop for this information.

Written by Paul Wernham from UK 2/2/2011

Please can you tell me the best matching bar tape for your aged brown b17?

A> Neither the brown, nor the honey matches perfectly.  Instead we would suggest coordinating the bar tape with 

a separate accent, perhaps  the frame or frame details?

Written by brendan heery from Ireland 1/19/2011

Q> I've just mounted some dark brown Brook's bar tape on my bike and am now considering a new saddle to compliment it. My question is, how well will your new range of antique brown saddles match my tape. Will fading or sun dying effect the match over time? Should I consider a different colour saddle? Thanks.

A> You should match your tape and saddle, the saddle will not drastically change color over time (or will the tape)

Written by Louise from Switzeralnd from Switzerland 11/25/2010

Bar tapes are wonderfull and look raly great with my B17
The only thing I am not happy with is, that they are not long anoth for my multi position handlebar.
There are just about 30-40 cm missing
Do you make longer ones?

A > Sorry, the bar tape comes only in one size.

Written by Ivan Agerton from USA 11/13/2010

Q> Hello there, Brooks! Just mounted my Swallow. Super excited to start the wear in process. Question.. I live in the Pacific North West(Seattle), how will the saddle and leather bar tape hold up in our wet weather? Any suggestions will be helpful. Cheers.

A>  Your saddle and tape will hold up well if you follow some simple rules.  For the saddle when riding in very wet weather, use a waterproof saddle cover (a plastic bag will do in  a pinch) Likewise, when parking the bike in the rain, be in the habit of using a cover or plastic bag.  Your saddle is simply one piece of very tough leather, but will stretch if ridden when the saddle is soaked. 

Use Proofide or a comparable leather dressing according to the care instructions.  This will prevent the leather from drying out, as well as protecting against water absorbtion.

As for your tape, be sure the tape is wrapped very tightly and properly.  Then youe may also use Proofide from time to time.

Written by Todd Hughes from USA 11/6/2010

I plan to order some black leather bar tape to match my beautiful B17 / Challenge bag setup.
I have 42mm drop bars, standard drop / reach 31.8 Oversized. I've heard that the tape is fairly short in comparison to some other tapes. I would like to make sure this tape is plenty long enough to wrap oversized road bars.

A> Our tape is of standard length and should cover your bars, though with the wide variety of bar shapes available today, it is difficult for us to be certain.

Written by Dan Reilly 5/8/2009

Hello.... I purchased your handlebar tape (brown) from Totalcycling for a new bike build. The bike builder called and said this tape was clearly 'seconds' because one of the sections had three obvious splices and one of the tape ends had a three inch taper... Not what I expected from a company with such a high end reputation.